BOMBAIM is not just a physical retail space;
it fabricates meaning. 
Established Magazine is a playful step in that direction

Designed for light reading on a Sunday afternoon, or for those quiet nights that follow long days of work, this magazine inspires you to find new meanings every time you return to it. Unlike a standard publication, its structure is fluid
and explorative in the way it weaves image and text into peculiar correlations

It also uses its digital format to bring you updates every quarter, with new images, insights, trivia and just beautiful things from our universe to yours

Vol. I


The first volume is based on the idea that humans constantly create beautiful intersections between what is part of their everyday world of experience and fascinating elements of worlds mysterious and remote to them

So when you see a distant cloud take on the shape of your pet, you bring them both into a relationship of recognition 

Proceeding with this idea, Established Magazine attempts to bring together fashion, art, poetry and everything captivating in the far reaches of the cosmos. In other words, we observe the wonder of worlds that are parallel now magically brought together in intersections through this sanctuary of Parallel Worlds: In Unison




Gazing into the sky and wondering about the universe is not an experience limited to any one generation 
We are historically, contemporarily and futuristically consistent at gazing at the heavens and stars –

Starting with visual cues between fashion compositions and 
celestial objects: always, a case of beautiful serendipity



We may never reach the far freckles of space
or ever see our innermost beings but we can always imagine its
textures: A space suit inspired dress does the trick

Far out in the uncharted backwaters of
the unfashionable end of the western spiral
of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun

– Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,
Douglas Adams

The surface of the sun and human cells at a microscopic level –

COSMIC BACKGROUND by andrew mccarthy

As humans, we’re always inclined towards familiarity with things by finding patterns and associations through assimilated memories and visuals

We connect the dots, literally at celestial and cellular dimensions, and figuratively now, through BOMBAIM’s smartly eclectic universe

Wonder is the beginning of all wisdom,
says Aristotle in Metaphysics.
And looking into the starry sky is the beginning of wonder,
say I

The intentional gaze into the night sky, then, is our first conscious encounter with the universe. Because of this gaze, the universe enters our sight and our minds

Now, to us, it exists

BOMBAIM, the space, the magic, the feeling
is when Art Deco met Metropolis and found visions of cupric stars on that midsummer night – to dazzle and hypnotise 

For statements across senses, thought and spaces –

Interspersed with sculptural snippets of works of designers that BOMBAIM showcases,
the first volume of Established Magazine, is titled


Parallel to the wonders of the solar system, with free-flowing intersections from different worlds

Take a step in



The earrings feel like rays of the sun on a winter morning or a surreal visual of the sun’s surface in curiously embellished garments

Universal ring sundial,
jonathan sisson

Our Sun is a specific type of star, called yellow main sequence star

Rather than forming into a solid object, like terrestrial planets closest to it,
the Sun is plasmatic and rotates faster at its equator than at its poles

rashmi varma

The universe doesn't have a centRE

The Big Bang happened everywhere at once 
and was a process happening in time, not a point in time

There is a moment in every dawn when light floats,
there is the possibility of magic.
Creation holds its breath

– Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,
Douglas Adams

The starry nights and metallic-ness that envelope the S.A.L.T. Telescope in South Africa come to life in a textured, grey pant-suit –

An imagined moon landscape finds its way in an experimental, multi-structural dress –

iris van herpen


Copyright : Romaric Tisserand,
Moon mission Apollo 21, 2012

Surface textures on garments mimic the scattering of galaxies –


Hubble Deep Field

The first significant look back to the era of the universe when early galaxies were forming. The image is a long exposure of a very small area of the sky, which revealed a large number of very faint and previously unseen, objects
These objects are some of the oldest and most distant galaxies, that allowed us to –
Glimpse the first steps of galaxy formation more than 10 billion years ago 
– Stefano Cristiani

Visual cues from the world of fashion designers who have depicted the cosmos
in their collections, or by us, who have drawn parallels from diverse worlds in unison

Hale-Bopp Comet is now traveling far into space in an orbit almost perpendicular
to the plane of the solar system and it is expected to return to the inner solar system around the year 4530

The total number of neurons in the human brain
falls in the same ballpark as the number of galaxies
in the observable universe

As humans, we gaze; we build similarities;
we wish to feel untactile spaces – as stars make
way into textured and embroidered jackets


The fluorescence that lights up the sky is also observed in treated glass
pieces that make for delightful earrings –


At the smallest scales available to microscopic observation, it is the morphology of the cortex that most closely matches that of galaxies, at scales of a few hundreds of thousands of light-years

A fireball lights up the sky of this
April 2016 night 
in the Atacama Desert

The video captures the blinking of a star
that was captured by NASA's New Horizons
mobile telescopes
Pause, observe. Stop and wonder.

cosmic background by andrew mccarthy

The moon, the moon, the great big moon; two eyes, a nose and a smile

The Era of Recombination is the earliest point in our
cosmic history, to which we can look back with any form of light

nor black nor white

Albert Einstein, in his theory of special relativity,
determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers –
the speed of light within a vacuum is the same, no matter what the speed of the observer

As a result, he found that space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as


Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another

The wonderful universe explorer, the great 36-inch equatorial telescope,

Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, California

rimzim dadu

Scattered debris from a cosmic supernova explosion
light up the sky in this gorgeous composited image
based on data from the Hubble Space Telescope

Supernovae have shown scientists that we live in an
ever-expanding universe and play a key role
in distributing elements throughout it

All natural precious metals, such as gold can be traced back to
explosions that happened millions of years ago –




On May 26, 1854, the Langenheim brothers made eight sequential photographs
of the first total eclipse of the sun visible in North America since the invention of photography

In the northern hemisphere, the moon always shadows the sun from right to left during a solar eclipse;
these images therefore seem odd because they are, like all uncorrected daguerreotypes, reversed laterally as in a mirror

Man’s fascination with the celestial isn’t new but one that is ingrained.
There has always been a desire to have star-dust within our reach as an object of beauty.

Building on similarities between nature, the far freckles of space and lost corners of the world of fashion,
this issue delves into gazing inwards, within; all for an appreciation of the universe
that is out there and in here, on Mother Earth –

Notice, similarities in biological systems and celestial objects in the vast galactic cosmos –
both, ironically, beyond our reach but always reachable through the perennial need to satisfy our curiosity

Pablo picasso’s constellation drawings

Sixteen pages from a 1924 notebook dotted with
delicate, intricate shapes – delineated like
variations on a musical score

Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that first
landed humans on the moon
on July 20, 1969

Stand still and you will find the dots come together,
the patterns make sense and they find their way
in our multi-dimensional universe of
star-gazers, dreamers and believers

andré courrèges

Designer André Courrèges was at the forefront
of fashion’s preoccupation with exploring
the solar system, beginning with his
Space Age collection in 1964

Chinese astronomers emphasized the close relationship between heaven and Earth. They believed that events in heaven reflected those on Earth.
New occurrences, such as novae, signalled important changes on Earth.
Chinese star charts, shown below, divided the stars into lunar mansions similar to constellations

The Milky Way was referred to as the ‘Yellow River’,
linking both of them to seasonal rainfall




The Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of Earth, taken on Feb. 14, 1990 by NASA’s Voyager 1
at a distance of 3.7 billion miles (6 billion kilometers) from the Sun
The image inspired the title of scientist Carl Sagan's book,
Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

The sun-burst pattern, a prominent detail on BOMBAIM’s store
ceiling was used to develop a custom-width radial that has
been kept dynamic and used extensively across digital and print media –

The sun-burst pattern works as BOMBAIM’s
spatial design and is a modern adaptation
of Art Deco, an era of scientific enquiry
and experimentation, directly correlating to
founder Richa Kanoi’s interest in stargazing,
cosmic exploration and architecture

Shirt: Genes Lecoanet Hemant / Kurta: Tokree

Imagine an entity that is so dense,
it bends the curvature of space and time so that light cannot escape its pull 

the black hole 

It is possible for a black hole to coalesce and form
a new, larger hole. This can also happen when galaxies merge

Nebulae are textures in light.
How is it that you can feel its delight?
Forms and folds through fabrics, warps and wefts
through seams – iridescent, hypnotic, magnetic


Distributions of nebulae and star clusters in the northern
and southern hemispheres

Our understanding of the obscure expands, only to delve into the curiosity of the unknown with every new gaze; gazing at the past and all that is above, which in fact looks at us in the future –

This is the future through 2020, where designers that
BOMBAIM has showcased in the past and near present,
now hope to traverse this journey of gazing
into the obscure galaxy of possibilities in the future

the universe is created,
paul ganguin 

The light has passed through dark ages of the universe before stars and galaxies formed. 
The Planck satellite, which orbits at a stable position called the Lagrange point,
1.5 million kilometers (930,000 miles) from Earth,
scans the sky continuously, picking up the glow of ancient light all around us

ikai by ragini ahuja

Belt: Devina Juneja

As humans, our ability to sense light also brings us
alive to varied possibilities of
perception and intelligence that help our existence 

The light that we can sense,
the colours that we can recognise,
the patterns that we can form,
all come together to form our sensibility
of a life that we also live through fashion

kitab suwar al-kawakib al-thabita
(book of the images of the fixed stars) of al-sufi

This book, based on the Almagest of the Greek astronomer
Ptolemy, concerns forty‑eight constellations
known as the Fixed Stars, that according
to the medieval conception of the universe,
inhabited the eighth of nine spheres
surrounding the Earth

Our space faring fascination begins with the moon, it doesn’t just end there –
it makes its way back to Earth through sartorial means that never fail to liven the senses


Fallen Objects
Copyright : Romaric Tisserand,
Moon mission Apollo 21, 


Who really does know what’s out there?
We’re making believe, drifting through dreams
or just making scientific progress.
The designer is never tired
of the vast darkness of space.
For in it, we find the light

Self portrait at craters of the Moon, Judy Dater, 1981

Styling Cues from BOMBAIM

shirt: amrich

Skirt: Nor Black Nor White
Shoes: Inochhi

rahul mishra

There is a planet-sized diamond in the constellation
Centaurus named after a Beatles song

The Sound the Universe Makes by Janna Levin:

We think of space as a silent place 
but physicist Janna Levin says the universe has a soundtrack –
a sonic composition that records some of the most dramatic events in outer space

mozart’s magic flute opera, c.a. 1847–49

We’re not really strangers
We’re all made of star stuff – stellar explosions from billions of years ago
created material that are the building blocks for everything made from nature, including us.
Beneath all that material we’re the same, we’re one – with each other and the cosmos

BOMBAIM invites you on this journey –
ever expanding, ever exploring, through infinity

Every quarter, there will be new additions from these
Parallel Worlds to travel together through the intriguing dimensions of fashion, art, exploration and thought
Stay tuned


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