Stillness is an opportunity to see things differently

It is time to think about who one really is or rather which direction the conversation (at large) should take. It made most sense to utilise these moments away from the retail humdrum to present this compendium of curiosities to the world at large – that at the heart of it, we’re about meaning – in fashion, spaces, and in life

The first volume Parallel Worlds: In Unison, delves into gazing outwards into the vast mysteries of the cosmos and in a way, find its way into creative expressions in fashion, art and nature. This isn’t an ordinary magazine with splendid editorial spreads. It goes beyond the vanity of fashion, to build relevance via thoughtful design, done well – some by mere mortals and most by sublime, invisible forces

Established Magazine has been in the works since September 2019, and April 2020 presents itself as the most suitable time to begin a journey – onward and inward – to a space where you’re with things that warm your heart and ease the soul. This is our sanctuary, our safe space 

Read it and be immersed in the world we all share –

take a step into our universe


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